1. Bring in an Item of Value

Pawn Loans are a great way to get quick short term cash! For the most money, consider items that bring high value such as Firearms (Pistols & Long-Guns), Jewelry (Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Coins), Name brand tools, Electronics within 3 Years old, & More! Please note you must be 18 years or older with a valid government ID & Social Security number (for pawns only).

2. Choose to Sell or Pawn (Loan) your item(s)

You make the decision if you want to get a loan against your item(s) and come back to redeem them or just outright sell your item(s)!

3. Value is Set by one of our Associates

A value is determined based on the item or items you bring in!

4. Redeem the Loan when you want the item(s) back!

When you want your item back, you simply present the pawn ticket and pay the loan amount plus the monthly service charge!

Pawn Loans Vs. Other Fees

Items we do NOT accept:

  • STOLEN ITEMS – We run all serial numbers through a national police database.
  • Car Audio – Amps, Subs, Cd Players.
  • Electric lawn equipment
  • Electronics older than 3 years old.
  • Old Desktop Computers, Laptops running old operating systems (Windows 7 and under), or office equipment (Printers, Fax Machine, Etc.)
  • Cell Phones
  • Car GPS units
  • Small Home Appliances
  • (*Please note we have the right to decline any items not on this list.)